Hair Treatment Accelerator LED – Lizze Photon Supreme Photonic Hair Therapy

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20 - 27 May, 2024


Lizze Photon Supreme is the most effective LED therapy accelerator available. has three cutting-edge lasers installed, each with a distinct purpose and the ability to provide amazing outcomes before to, during, and after treatment.

Exceptional Results: This photonic hair enhancer will improve the durability and fixation of the hair fibers allowing your hair to stay hydrated and maintain hair resistance and softness. A must have product for hair coloring, hydration and keratin treatments

SAVE TIME AND STAY HEALTHY: Photon lasers used in relaxation hair therapy restore the structure of hair strands without altering the hair’s inner structure. This makes it possible to have chemical hair straightening treatments without damaging your hair.

PORTABLE APPLIANCE FOR DIFFERENT HAIR TREATMENTS: best option for getting the best results when treating dandruff, dryness, or hair loss in your hair—not just when having your hair professionally straightened or colored hair


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Brand: Hydro Photon